Every day we see our company rewarded for the success of toiling to meet the best interest of our clients. A number of clients have emailed us mails of appreciation and urged us to uphold our excellent services. Below are some of the testimonials from the many sent to us.


  1. I was recently in Ethiopia to see historical sites of the country. I approached a number of tour and travel agencies. My choice landed on Elmi Tours for its reasonable price and I later found out that my choice was even more right for their excellent treatment. They were very punctual. My driver Mr. Amen Meseret was very understanding and tolerant of my sometimes excessive demands. He had no problem explaining and answering my endless questions. Thank you Amen! I enjoyed the tour immensely and Thank you Elmi Tours


  1. If you find the road bumpy, Elmi Tours will get you helicopters just to please you. I found Elmi Tours going a great length to please clients. I made a grave error of booking my own hotel. But Elmi was there to provide me a better and cozy hotel.


  1. I am a displaced Yemeni temporarily residing in Ethiopia. I saw Elmi Tour’s Billboard when I came out of Intercontinental Hotel and I entered the office just to see what they have in their bag; believe me a lot. Their eloquent explanation of different sites and sweet handling me was extra ordinary and enough to lure me to taking a trip. As a result my family and I embarked on 7 days tour to Omo River Valley. It was a lifelong memorable experience. My family was for Elmi Tours very fragile to be handled with care. I think one more trip of a longer duration with Elmi is in order. Thank you for every thing


  1. Elmi Tours is an excellent enterprise for a small country like Ethiopia struggling to grasp its share from the benefits of tourism. Your exceptional effort to promote tourism in your country will materialize with some improvement of the infrastructure. The unbearable road to Sabana Hotel in Langano should be avoided. A short distance that would have taken half an hour drive took us more than an hour and half as we had to detour because of road repair. The electric power was out in our hotel in Arba Minch. The hospitable efforts of our driver and guide from Elmi made us forget all these unexpected drawbacks. .


  1. My friend Greenfield from Minnesota advised me to take Elmi Tours for my 15 days tour to historical sites in the Northern Ethiopia. Green, thank you very much for letting me enjoy the excellent service of this company. Their treatment was amicable and impeccable. I felt at home away from home.


  1. Extraordinary service! Congratulations are in order Elmi Tours. You are exceptional in every aspect of tourism! Immaculate